The RFM5000 Xerxes™ IC extends the Magnus® line of Smart Passive Sensing™ ICs (Integrated Circuits), enabling wireless passive sensors that are maintenance-free and battery-free. The original Magnus line of sensors monitored temperature, moisture, humidity, weight, and proximity. The new RFM5000 Xerxes line adds secure communication as well as external sensor support for gas detection, thermocouples, and other traditional sensing components.

A completed sensor combines the Xerxes IC with a low-cost foil antenna. The RFM5000 IC is read with a RAIN/UHF reader. The patented Chameleon™ front-end monitors detuning conditions, adapting as needed for precise management of sensor communication.


    • Gas detection sensors
    • High-temperature thermocouples
    • Multi-sensor combinations
    • Security-centric applications


  • Chameleon™ self-tuning RF front-end
  • Worldwide UHF/RAIN operation: 860-960 MHz
    • EPCglobal™ Gen2 (v. 2.0.1) compliant
    • ISO/IEC 18000-6C compliant
  • Read Sensitivity:
    • -13 dBm with all sensors active + encryption
    • -14 dBm with AES-128 encryption
    • -15 dBm with single sensor active
    • -16.3 dBm EPC-only
    • -18.0 dBm EPC without self-tuning
  • Sensing capabilities:
    • On-chip temperature sensor
    • On-chip capacitance monitor circuit
    • Two analog input ports: Bridge circuits,
      resistance, voltage and capacitance
    • Supports chemo-resistive thin films
    • On-chip power regulator for higher accuracy
  • Calibration:
    • Single-point temperature probe calibration
    • Multi-factor calibration for analog port sensor
  • Secure Stealth Mode™ Communication
    • Cloak™ technology compliant to ISO/IEC 29167-10
    • TAM1 and TAM2 support
    • Sender authentication
    • Data encryption
    • Signature verification
    • Complete information secrecy/integrity
    • Keys programmable over-the-air, with lock
  • 64 Words of on-chip memory including:
    • 22-Word block for Access/Kill passwords keys
    • 6-Word TID
    • 8-Word EPC plus one word PC
    • 26-Word user memory
  • Improved reader access support
    • Simplified temperature read cycle
    • Optional averaging modes: 8x, 16x, 32x
    • Improved sensor type identification
    • Optional 4-sensor data/ TID for EPC reads
    • Global four on-chip sensors sequence mode



Xerxes technology is available in sensor format. For Xerxes sensor information, please contact our sales team.

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