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RFMicron produces ICs that enable a new class of low-cost, wireless, microcontroller-free, battery-free sensors. These autonomous chips incorporate RF energy harvesting and sensing circuits that detect and respond to a variety of environmental stimuli. The chips communicate over the industry-standard ISO 18000-6 UHF protocol. A wide range of sensors have been demonstrated. These sensors provide the economies of scale necessary to drive pervasive deployment into very high volume applications for the automotive, construction, energy, and healthcare industries to name a few.

“RFID will revolutionize the way we do business, just as the Internet has changed the way we do things on a daily basis. We expect the market to grow as more innovative solutions are developed, allowing prices to come down and volume to grow.”
– Shahriar Rokhsaz, CEO


The Magnus™ chip is a multi purpose passive device incorporating a wireless communication engine, a self-tuning circuit for high-reliability operation, and sensing capability. To take full advantage of these capabilities, RFMicron is engaging with leading producers of tags, sensors, and systems who will offer products based on the Chameleon™ technology. The products will include RFID tags for high-value systems solutions and processes, and sensors for applications where the use of expensive, wired or battery-powered sensors is not practical.

Key Advantages

Our key advantages over the competitors are:

  • RFID Market
    • Universal RFID tags: use anywhere on any material
    • Roll to Roll Thin, flexible and lower cost on metal tags
    • Same performance whether the same tag is mounted on or off metal
  • Sensor Market
    • Fully passive, wireless smart sensor chip solution
    • Capable of sensing environment
    • Deployed where active, semi-active sensors are not practical and are costly
    • The low cost alternative to highly expensive solutions

Axzon (formerly RFMicron)

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Datasheets & white papers are now available in Chinese.