Monitoring Data Center Busbars and Switchgear

Smart Passive Sensors for Electrical Power Distribution Applications

Switchgear and busbars often control and route massive amounts of electrical power. Equipment aging causes component connections to loosen over time, which creates dangerous arcing conditions that can vaporize components in potentially dangerous explosions. Unusual temperature increases often indicate pending component failures and can be used to alert maintenance teams before these catastrophic failures occur.

RFMicron offers new long-range, wireless, rugged temperature sensor for use in data center busbar and electric power switchgear applications. The RFM3240 wireless temperature sensor employs battery-free and maintenance-free Smart Passive Sensing™ technology. By eliminating batteries and the associated maintenance, this rugged sensor can be deployed in dangerous and high-voltage environments where wired sensors would otherwise create dangerous arcing risks.


  • Monitor busbars and switchgear and alert maintenance teams when aging and over-used equipment are on the verge of failure resulting in possible dangerous explosions
  • Improve human safety, reliability, quality of service, and ensure that equipment keeps running
  • Pinpoint failing switchgear components, busbars and other industrial equipment when temperature spikes flag pending components failures


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