Monitoring Motors, Pumps, and Bearings

Smart Passive Sensors for Mechanical Plant Applications

Mechanical plants are complex organizations of motors, pumps, air handlers, conveyors and an endless array of machinery. For motors, pumps and other mechanical elements, knowing the operating temperature is essential to detecting out-of-range situations that need your attention.

One strategy is to install convenient sensors and then to capture a temperature baseline during normal operations. When the operating temperature of an individual piece of equipment exceeds this baseline, then it’s time to start looking for the cause. Maybe it’s a bearing; maybe it’s the electrical service, or perhaps the motor’s insulation is already damaged.

Early warning of pending failures allows sensitive operations to be delayed or rescheduled. Either of these options is probably better than just waiting for an unscheduled failure. It’s common to deploy sensors as part of a large planned IoT effort. New options are now available that can be installed and operated by the maintenance team. Large IoT installations take time to plan, contract and construct, so you might want to employ a spot check predictive maintenance system to access temperature data and form insights now.

RFMicron predictive maintenance temperature monitoring system delivers real-world mechanical plant data. Faster data means faster, more insightful, action for your team. The system includes wireless temperature sensors built using Smart Passive Sensing™ technology. These wireless sensors are mounted directly to complex equipment using the integrated adhesive strip.


  • Know when motors and bearings are nearing their failure point by monitoring component temperatures
  • Utilize wireless and battery-free sensors with easy-to-configure alarms mean that you can track performance right away
  • Improve efficiency and uptime KPIs

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