RFMicron technology, which includes the Chameleon™ Engine, establishes the Magnus® S family of products as the Industry’s first passive, wireless, single-chip sensor solution.

Magnus® S ICs feature RFMicron’s patented Chameleon technology, Sensor Access, and On-Chip Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). Chameleon, the first truly adaptive RFID front-end, automatically adjusts the input impedance of the IC to optimally tune the tag to varying frequencies and environmental conditions.

Sensor Access gives the user access to the Chameleon self-tuning circuit results as a 5-bit Sensor Code using a standard EPC Gen 2 READ command. The Sensor Code provides a direct measure of the antenna’s impedance. Based on the chosen antenna design and the effect of the environment on the impedance, changes in the Sensor Code indicate a change in the environment.

On-Chip RSSI, which indicates the strength of the signal sent from the sensor to a RAIN-compliant reader, is another capability unique to RFMicron. The On-Chip RSSI is a 5-bit digital output that can be read by the reader using standard EPC Gen2 commands and can be used as a data resource providing a direct measurement of the signal strength seen by the tag. This feature is useful in development, characterization and system installation to manage the response of large tag deployments.



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