Smart Passive Sensing

Connecting the unconnected

RFMicron connects the unconnected. To do this, we needed to reinvent sensors. Our new battery-free wireless sensors operate in places where you’d never consider deploying a traditional IoT (Internet of Things) sensor. That’s where Smart Passive Sensing™ technology comes into play. RFMicron develops and manufactures sensors for use in a wide range of applications: inside sheets of plywood, inside the walls of a building, beneath the interior of your car, and even to monitor the most private of activities for infirmed patients under medical care.

Sensors measure critical parameters and deliver needed data. But traditional IoT sensors carry a lot of baggage. Traditional wired sensors need to be connected to control panels, and must be connected to electrical power. This wiring comes at a high installation cost that exceeds the cost of the sensor itself in most cases. This situation is not improved with a traditional wireless sensor where battery change costs over the life of the sensor are equally painful.

Smart Passive Sensing devices are wireless battery-free sensors that eliminate maintenance costs. There are no battery changes; there are no solar cells to clean. It’s surprisingly expensive to have teams perform routine maintenance for sensors and equipment. The cost of ownership for passive sensing is radically lower. That translates into being able to connect to more measurable parameters for a lower overall cost. Increased data granularity leads to better data and more meaningful decisions.

RFMicron has sensors for temperature, moisture, proximity and more are coming soon. These sensors provide the economies of scale necessary for pervasive deployment across high volume applications for the automotive, construction, energy, predictive maintenance and healthcare industries to name a few.

RFMicron believes immediate access to data is essential in making informed business decisions and is especially important when protecting people and equipment. Our Hermes™ Smart Edge IoT Development Platform connects to Smart Passive Sensor devices, and it provides secure local processing to generate alarms and alerts when needed. This platform is built around scalable hardware where functionality is easily added or removed. Teams get a head start on their specialized local processing software, while still being able to route essential data and metrics into the cloud for further processing, analytics, and analysis.

RFMicron offers complete system solutions with wireless sensors and readers, as well as software tailored for specific application needs. Our predictive maintenance system protects motors from costly thermal damage, especially when the equipment or the electrical systems are unsteady. Our Incontinence Management System brings dignity back to workers and patients alike in challenging medical situations. Our Moisture Intrusion Detection System allows automakers to detect critical leaks in the assembly process before the vehicles leave the factory and before unpleasant mold issues arise.

RFMicron connects the unconnectable. We make it both possible and economical to deploy sensors in hard to reach places. Our smart edge platforms and complete system solutions help you analyze the sensor data and quickly make more meaningful decisions. RFMicron helps push the IoT to be more and do more; with each step forward we’re building the Internet of Everything (IOE).


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