Water Intrusion Detection

Rapid Water Intrusion Detection for Improved Automotive Manufacturing Quality Control

RFMicron’s moisture sensing technology addresses one of the most serious warranty issues facing the automotive industry today – water intrusion.

Despite proactive efforts by automotive manufacturers to address this problem in design, engineering and manufacturing, namely subjecting every finished vehicle to an extended water bath and manual inspection, numerous vehicles continue to escape the production line and are delivered to customers with leaks.

RFMicron’s passive, wireless OnMetal Moisture Sensor solution can reliably detect water leakage, which would normally be missed by today’s manual inspection techniques and can result in significant cost savings to automotive manufacturers.

Benefits of RFMicron’s Solution:

  • Ability to remotely, wirelessly and accurately detect water intrusion within a vehicle during factory quality testing
  • Utilizes passive, RF energy harvesting technology so no batteries are needed to power the sensor
  • Specifically designed to wirelessly operate within a harsh metalized vehicle chassis environment
  • Rapidly detects water leakage and alerts personnel of a problem
  • Automatically documents the event for quality tracking, trending and data analysis purposes
  • Cost-effective, scalable, and easy to deploy with Peel-and-Stick™ moisture sensor tags that quickly attach to a vehicle chassis

High-pressure spray testing to find assembly defects and leaks in automotive assembly



Quality Control Moisture Intrusion Sensor

The RFM2110 wireless sensor detects water intrusion in automotive, aircraft, and other semi-enclosed spaces. Modern vehicle assembly is complex and subject to water leaks which require complex repairs. The RFM2110 moisture sensor has been specifically designed for use on metallic surfaces. The flexible design can be attached to complex surfaces using the integrated adhesive strip.

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Wireless Moisture Intrusion Detection System

Water is surprisingly effective at detecting vehicle assembly defects. This portable moisture intrusion detection system alerts automotive assembly teams when leaks assembly defects are present. The system provides location specific reporting and data logging. The high-power handheld reader is effective from outside of the vehicle, but is small enough to be used inside the vehicle during the design and engineering phases.

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RFM5106 Moisture Intrusion Detection System

Moisture Intrusion Portal Detection System

New portal finds the leaks, and keeps the line moving; drive-through portal flags the leaks by location to speed rework and fewer inspection escapes. Get ahead of the issues with real-time reporting and insights. Thin, wireless, and battery-free RFM2110 Moisture Sensors use Smart Passive Sensing™ to find leaks fast. Data from the system positively identifies any leaks by location and builds a collection of data to help automakers find the root causes large and small that trigger these leaks in the first place.

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RFM5126 Moisture Intrusion Detection Console/Portal Schematic

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