Wireless Sensor Systems

Moisture and Temperature Sensor Evaluation Kit

ORDER: RFM5101-B Moisture and Temperature Sensor Evalulation Kit
Includes long-range Merlin handheld reader. With output power as high as 1W, this reader delivers the longest read ranges. Designed for reading sensors in hard to reach places. The large capacity battery provides up to 30 hours of use between recharges. This evaluation system includes moisture and temperature sensors.

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Merlin Reader with RFMIicron RFM2100 Moisture sensors

Moisture and Temperature Sensor Evaluation Kit

ORDER: RFM5102-A Moisture and Temperature Sensor Evaluation Kit
Includes medium-range Morphic handheld reader. With output power as high as 500 mW. This reader delivers moderate read ranges and is best used for near-line-of-sight applications where there are few obstacles between the reader and the sensor. evaluation system includes moisture and temperature sensors.

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Morphic portable reader with RFMicron RFM2100 Moisture Sensor

Hermes Smart Edge IoT Platform

ORDERE: RFM5103-A Hermes Smart Edge IoT Development Platform
The stand-alone implementation serves developers as an “Out of the Box” evaluation system and as a feature-rich development platform. As an evaluation platform, Hermes™ ships with RFMicron’s Magnus®-S IC based Smart Passive Sensing™ moisture and temperature sensors and an application for quickly implementing several sensor demonstrations.

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Wireless Predictive Maintenance System

ORDER: RFM5104-A/RFM5104-B Wireless Predictive Maintenance System
This portable predictive maintenance system allows mechanical plant personnel to monitor equipment operating temperatures, and alerts teams to out-of-range performance when equipment exceeds baseline alarms. For equipment subject to overheating risks from frequent restarts, the system includes a restart alarm settings to alert personnel when equipment needs additional time to cool before restarting. The system includes 75 rugged Smart Passive Sensing devices for temperature monitoring.

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Wireless Incontinence Management System

ORDER: RFM5105-A Wireless Incontinence Management System
This portable incontinence management system alerts caregivers to the need to change patient garments in Long Term Care (LTC) facilities, nursing homes and Hospitals. The system uses battery-free and wire-free sensors which are unobtrusive. Since the sensors are applied to the outside of garments they do not come into contact with liquid. System includes moisture sensors suitable for medical use.

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Wireless Moisture Intrusion Detection System

ORDER: RFM5106-B Wireless Moisture Intrusion Detection System
Water is surprisingly effective at detecting vehicle assembly defects. This portable moisture intrusion detection system alerts automotive assembly teams when leaks assembly defects are present. The system provides location specific reporting and data logging. The high-power handheld reader is effective from outside of the vehicle, but is small enough to be used inside the vehicle during the design and engineering phases. System includes flexible moisture sensors suitable for use directly on-metal surfaces.

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RFM5106 Moisture Intrusion Detection System

Wireless Switchgear Temperature Monitoring System

ORDER: RFM5107-A Switchgear Temperature Monitoring System
The RFM5107 Switchgear Temperature Monitor is a wireless reader system for battery-free Smart Passive Sensing™ devices. Antennas, cables, digital display, and sensors make up a complete system. Primary reader communication is over RS-485 using the MODBUS protocol. The reader is compatible with common SCADA safety and security monitoring software. Installation software is provided to simplify reader setup and sensor registration. The installation software runs on a PC and communicates with the reader over a USB connection. The system includes rugged lug-mounted and adhesive mounted sensors suitable for use inside of switchgear.

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RFM5107-A Switchgear Temperature Monitoring System

Moisture Intrusion Portal Detection System

ORDER: RFM5126-A Moisture Intrusion Portal Detection System
New portal finds the leaks, and keeps the line moving; drive-through portal flags the leaks by location to speed rework and fewer inspection escapes. Get ahead of the issues with real-time reporting and insights. Thin, wireless, and battery-free RFM2110 Moisture Sensors use Smart Passive Sensing™ to find leaks fast. Data from the system positively identifies any leaks by location and builds a collection of data to help automakers find the root causes large and small that trigger these leaks in the first place.

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RFM5126 Moisture Intrusion Detection Console/Portal Schematic

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